What is up with the name Lois?

Have you ever noticed how many great authors have the first name of Lois? Why is that? Of course, I’m not complaining or anything since my name is Lois and I’d like to be a really great author. But on to more deep and interesting things.

I just finished MESSENGER by Lois Lowry. It is the third story in a collection–not really a series–of books about a future time on earth. In these three books–THE GIVER, GATHERING BLUE, and MESSENGER, Lois uses a similar, mysterious, forbidding voice. While I would have to say that MESSENGER is the weakest of the three, they are all excellent. One unique aspect to MESSENGER is that it is one of the few books I’ve read where the main antagonist is nature. In this case, it is the forest, sort of like Hemingway’s ocean.

That said, another interesting think about Lois is that her writing is so varied. Not only is she the author of these dystopian novels, but she’s also the author of a historical fiction book set during WWII called NUMBER THE STARS. Add to that the humorous ANASTASIA series and an off-the-wall chapter book called SEE YOU AROUND, SAM, and you have an author who can pretty much write anything.

By the way, the last book I mentioned (SEE YOU AROUND, SAM) is a great laugh-out-loud family read. It’s about a little boy who decides to run away after his mother won’t let him wear his plastic fang teeth he got at school into the house.

Do you have any favorites by Lowry? I’d love to hear.

P.S. Coming soon . . . a review of another “Lois” author: Lois Duncan.

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  1. Jennifer Jenkins April 29, 2010 Reply

    I feel "Giver" deserves some credit. In my mind, it pioneered the whole dystopian phenomenon. Anyone watching the industry right now will tell you the weighty demands for the genre. That being said, the book drove me CRAZY! I've never been a huge fan of the whole "Lady and the Lion" open ending idea. I don't want to guess how it ended. I don't want to stay up nights wondering if the poor kids starved to death. Just tell me, please.

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