The Hunt for Anasazi Writings

The Anasazi Indians are considered the “Ancient Ones,” even though their name literally means “enemy ancestors” in Navajo. The Anasazi lived around the Four-Corners area for a 1,000+ years until 1300 A.D. Their engravings into the smooth, red rocks cliffs are remarkable remnants of their lost culture. 

The big question is where did they go? In 1300, the Anasazi left the four Corner Regions. Historians do not know why, but some speculate it was due to the drought in the area. The Anasazi are believed to be the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians.

Recently, my family traveled to southern Utah to find some Anasazi petroglyphs in Snow Canyon in southern Utah. We heard there were four batches of petroglyphs out in the open in this gorgeous, breathtaking part of the United States. However, even the most experienced hiker could literally walk by them and not know they were there because of their elusive positioning. 

As my pictures show, we were successful in finding all four groupings of petroglyphs as well as other gorgeous sights.

The whole family having fun in the sun. Anasazi petroglyphs behind us.
Lois by “newspaper rock.”
Behind this rock (called “sinking ship”), is a whole wall of amazing petroglyphs.
Boys being boys.
My girls posing by a hunk of an Anasazi warrior.
Want a drink?
Amazing red rock cliffs.

 If you enjoy this kind of scenery, you may find my mystery based on southern Utah mythology called Robbed of Soul interesting.


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