My Brush with Nicolas Cage


The most famous member of my family is Grandpa’s truck. It’s a green Chevrolet from the late 90s, and for the last month Nicolas Cage, the actor, has been driving it around.


It all started several months ago when the Kanab Department of Tourism asked some local residents if they would be willing to rent their personal truck to some unnamed movie producers. My father-in-law thought, “Why not?” He took a picture of his 20-year-old  Chevy and sent it in. A few weeks later he received news that the movie producers had chosen his truck to be used in a period psycho thriller mystery movie starring Mr. Cage.

Not only did the producers use Grandpa’s truck, they also commandeered a motel in town. They made a bunch of legit looking signage and rigged up an enormous green screen on the second story of the motel.

What I love most about my father-in-law, is that he didn’t even bother vacuuming his truck. He just dropped it off with all its small-town glory. A “my-dirt-is-your-dirt” philosophy.

I happened to be in Kanab visiting one of the weekends when the truck was being used for filming. I was able to snap a picture of it parked by the motel where the movie is set. The picture was at night and didn’t turn out the best, but I had to take it sneakily on the fly.

Kanab is a little town in Utah most famous for movies made there in the 1930s-1950s. You may have heard of a few such as Billy the Kid (1941) and the original Planet of the Apes (1968). See a list of movies filmed in Kanab, Utah HERE. On occasion, movie producers still use the area to film, including Cage’s most recent endeavor.

It’s things like this that make the area so intriguing to me and why I’ve made it the setting for several of my southwestern myth-based mysteries. I literally never know what adventures await me there.

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  1. Onisha Ellis March 26, 2017 Reply

    I love that he didn’t clean up the truck! Gives real meaning to local color. A movie was shot in a neighboring town, Sylva, North Carolina and the residents had a great time being extras and hanging out. It is just releasing and called 3 Billboards in ….Misouri. I can’t remember the town! I watched the trailer, too much language for me.

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