An International Affair

myth-hunters-image-for-blogLast spring I was interviewed by Paul O’Connor of World Media Rights from the UK. He was in Kanab, Utah doing a episode of “Myth Hunters” about Freddie Crystal and the legend of Montezuma’s cursed gold.
I’m somewhat of a treasure-hunting hobbyist. I don’t go hunting for the gold (though I do love hiking), but I love reading about other people who do. Southern Utah is full of legends involving treasure, Aztecs, and curses. I’ve even written some short stories loosely based on some of these legends.
Paul and his cameraman were great during the interview. I had a blast. We spent an afternoon talking mainly about a man who, in the early 1900s, managed to get most of the town of Kanab (around 75 percent) to excavate a cave that he believed contained hidden Aztec treasure. Why did he believe that? A vision, a map, and a petroglyph.
Since last spring, I’ve been waiting to see if the episode of “Myth Hunters” would be picked up. I learned this week that the History Channel in Australia/New Zealand aired the series as well as the History Channel in Russia. I wasn’t able to get a link of the English version, but in the Youtube video below, I am speaking American, being interviewed by an Englishman, and the whole thing had been translated into Russian. [Update: a copy of it is now on Youtube available HERE, until it gets taken down.]
 The experience made me add another short story to my “Treasure Hunters” collection—one about Freddie Crystal and his search for the Aztec map in Mexico. Here’s to Cursed Gold.

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