Don’t get hit by that train!

        Three days ago I just returned from a 13-day trip to Italy I took with two of my writing group friends. (Well, I spent twelve days in Italy and one in Brussels to be exact, but that’s a whole other story.)   Out of the thousands of pictures taken during our trip, this one is […]

What I learned picking berries

 A few weeks back my family took a four-wheel ride on some mountain roads. Along the way, we noticed the trail was lined with green, leafy wild raspberry and thimbleberry bushes. The fruit growing on them was perfectly ripe and ready to eat. All six of us hopped off our machines and began picking. My […]

UK Television Here I Come

Three Lakes in Kanab, Utah       I had a great time last week doing a two and a half hour interview with Paul O’Connor from World Media Rights. He’s doing a television series in the UK called “Myth Busters.” This episode was about the many tales of Montezuma’s treasure being hidden in Kanab, a […]

What is up with the name Lois?

Have you ever noticed how many great authors have the first name of Lois? Why is that? Of course, I’m not complaining or anything since my name is Lois and I’d like to be a really great author. But on to more deep and interesting things. I just finished MESSENGER by Lois Lowry. It is […]