Are “sightings” of mythical creatures on the rise?

This past spring, Gary Campbell, who runs the official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register was interviewed by NPR (yes, we’re talking about National Public Radio) about how quiet things had been at Lake Loch Ness in Scotland. Nobody had reported seeing Nessie in almost nine months.  Less than a week later, “The Sun” ran an article that Nessie’s disappearance was over. She had been spotted. <whew>

Since then (and over the summer months) the sightings of mythical creatures (and subsequent postings on the internet) have been everywhere. Here are some of the “biggest” sightings in recent months:

#1 – Bigfoot was spotted in North Carolina and featured on Fox News. A group saw a “large bipedal animal covered in hair” at night in the glow from a headlamp. After being spotted, the creature ran off, so the group followed it and spotted it again, this time where a tree had been broken in half.

#2 – Nessie was spotted after a nine-month silence. A 28-year-old tourist captured what she thought was Nessie, after she saw a something that looked like a neck sticking out of the water. I gotta be honest, this photo leave much to the imagination,.

#3 – Nessie on Youtube. Our Scottish lake monster doesn’t look very menacing here, but I love to hear the reactions of the people filming. That is the best part.

#4- Lake Norman in North Carolina has a U.S. version of Nessie. His name is Normie, and he has been spotted quite a bit as of late. He is described as a 10-foot-long dinosaur-like creature, reminiscent of the mythical Loch Ness monster. Sightings of Normie started about 50 years ago.

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