Mystery of Black Holes

black-hole-blogJust when scientists think they have something all figured out, the Universe throws ‘em a curve ball.

Take for instance black holes. Things get sucked into, not out of, a black hole. Correct?

Everyone who has ever  watched a B-list sci-fy film has gleaned that piece of knowledge. And certainly anyone who has passed seventh grade science should also be in the know.

Then what, pray tell, is wrong with Markarain 335?

Markarain 335 is the name of the black hole which decided to spit out its “corona.”  Now, I’m gonna be honest and tell you I have no idea what a “corona” is except for the brand name of a beer. But this picture tells it all. That little black dot you see is not a droplet of water, it's part of the picture--and it is what Markarain 335 spit out of its nothingness.

Black holes, auroras, the Hubble constant--astronomy is full of such mind-blowing phenomenon. And at times such phenomenon go astray--take for interest the saros cycle in my young adult urban fantasy novel called Cycles, [The saros cycle is a period of approximately 6,585.3 days (18 years 11 days 8 hours) during which eclipses repeat themselves.] In my book, 14-year-old Renee Beaumont learns she's about to die . . . again, thanks to the rhythm of the saros cycle going askew.

Hats off to you, Universe. You always keep us guessing.


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