Lois D. Brown

Author of suspense & mystery. Lover of myths and legends.

"Red-rock splendor! A fitting backdrop for rock-solid storytelling."


“A paranormal murder-mystery thriller wrapped inside of a modern-day, historically-based treasure hunt with a considerable dash of romance. Author Lois D. Brown pulls it off with a genre-bending deft flare.”


Lois D. Brown

Lois Brown received her bachelor's degree in journalism and worked as a news correspondent in Washington, D.C. She later completed a Master's degree and started a freelance business. She has written nearly fifty articles and books. She worked as the chief editor to former New York Times best-selling author Dr. Neil Solomon, and she co-wrote a book on time management with former Miss America Sharlene Wells Hawkes. Her passion for mythology led to her appearance on television shows such as “Myth Hunters: The Curse of Montezuma's Gold” and “America Unearthed.”


Robbed of Soul

Psychologically damaged ex-CIA officer Maria Branson investigates 100-year-old mystery to track down modern-day killer and fight her own demons.

Skeletons Among Us

(Book 2 of Legends of Treasure) It doesn’t take much to ruin a vacation—bad weather, lousy food, and a headless skeleton.

Riddles that Kill

Coming Fall of 2017! Coming Fall of 2017! Coming Fall of 2017! Coming Fall of 2017! Coming Fall of 2017! Coming Fall of 2017!


Young Adult Urban Fantasy - When a pair of teens uncover experiments in the basement of a neighbor's house, they become entangled in research that could alter human aging.


Young Adult Urban Fantasy - Renee can change her name. Her home. Even the way she looks. But she can't change the mind of the person who wants her dead.

Treasure Hunting Mysteries 3-d cover
Treasure Hunters

A collection of five short stories that bring together the most unlikely of characters: Ancient Aztec warriors, card sharks, Ku Klux Klan  members, and a Ute princess.

Dumpsters and Dinosaurs

Middle Grade Adventure - 12-year-old Steven always wondered where the Loch Ness monster came from until the day he made his own.

Catching Katil

Middle Grade Mystery - After finding a murdered cat, newspaper girl Jenny Krigler uses skills learned from TV detective Magnum P.I. to launch an investigation.

Zany Tales from the Big Outdoors

Middle Grade Adventure - Two kids. Zero electronics. Ten wild adventures. (Based loosely on autobiographical stories)


Death in the Air

Moving into a 100-year-old house of the infamous outlaw Fred Barton, is the beginning of a living nightmare for one newlywed couple.

The Assayer

The offer to accompany card shark Harry Lyman to find the hidden Gold Mine in the Sky brings out unknown evil in one chemistry-lab confined assayer.

Forgotten Canyon

The thought of finding Montezuma’s gold urges Johnathon Scribner deep into the Forgotten Canyon. Why he stays there, however, is a different reason.

Cursed Gold

In 1517, 50 Aztec slaves were murdered while hiding Montezuma's treasure. Years later scuba diver Mike Conrad met one of them . . . thirty feet underwater.

Human Bait

FBI agent Andy Lee must convince a group of deadly KKK activists to make him the target of their hatred, which he does a little too well.

Uncommon Cold

Orphaned as a baby during a bizarre snowstorm, Martin is considered just another kid in foster care until the world must depend on him to survive.


"Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't." –Mark Twain

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